What is the enrolment process?

Completion of the form and submission of all required documents

  • Upon review, invitation for assessments and interviews with the College
  • Upon review and outcome of interviews and assessments communication of un/successful outcome.
  • Completion of required forms and payment of fees with startup requirements provided (uniform requirements, access necessary applications etc.)
  • Start of educational journey.

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I’ve filled in the form, now what?

  • You will receive an automated email signifying that we have received your submission. The enrolment officer will get back to you regarding the upcoming enrolment steps. For the time being, please refer to where you are in the enrolment process above.

What are the school fees?

  • Local fees
    • Australians, New Zealanders, permanent visa holders, permanent humanitarian visa holders, and temporary visa holders are eligible for our local fees.
  • Internationa fees
    • Student visa holders (Visa 500), or visitor visa holders (600), you are not entitled for local fees and will have to see the international fees schedule.

What is the assessment on?

  • Reception: Students will be assessed on their school readiness.
  • Year 1 – Year 2: English and Maths.
  • Year 3 – Year 10: English, Maths and Science
  • Year 11 – Year 12: Must provide reports and pass the interviews. No assessments required.

Does Iqra accept mid-year intake for Reception?

  • No, our reception intake is only in Term 1 for children starting Reception.
  • If a child is currently in reception at another school during Term 1 and Term 2, they can enquire to enrol into Reception in term 3.

How old are Reception students?

  • Students starting reception range from children turning 5 and children turning 6.
  • If your child is turning 4 before July this year, you can enquire to enroll for next year and aim to start in Term 1.

What are enrolment windows?

  • The enrolment window is when your children are attending their first day of school. You can enquire to enroll in any enrolment window however far it is in the future.
  • Term 1 window
    • Ends Week 5.
  • Term 3 window
    • Ends Week 1.

Do you have online assessments and interviews?

  • No, all assessments and interviews are in person at IQRA.

How can I pay the school fees?

  • You can either pay the whole lump sum which will include the early bird discount, the date is mentioned in the fee schedule or in your school fees invoice.
  • Payment plan: Is a mutually agreed upon payment plan with the accountants. You can either pay fortnightly, monthly, or termly. However, the year’s school fees must be finalized before September.